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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I download any texture, texture pack, or a brush from this site for free?

     Yes, all textures, images, brushes and other resources available for download on this site are completely free and can be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes, and you can credit this website as the original source (the link, info file).


  • Why textures are free?

    Sometimes when you need a texture you are searching it in the Internet and finding a lot of textures . Often they are available only for non-commercial purposes, and if you find the exactly what you need you have to pay for it. During my search, I found sites where people shared their textures for free and decided myself to share my textures like others. Website hosting costs are covered with advertisements placed on the site and donations.


  • Where do you get the textures?

    All textures on this site are completely original and produced by my own photo equipment and processed in Gimp.


  • Do I have to pay for textures if I use them in my commercial product?

    No, the textures are completely free, just credit this website as the original source or help the project.


  • Can I use your textures in 3D modeling software?

    Yes, these textures can be used to render surfaces in any of the known 3D software.


  • Can I sell your textures?

    You may not sell any of these textures in an unmodified form, or any derived works where the product you are selling is still a texture and is likely to compete with this website, and please do not distribute them on your own !


  • Can I redistribute your textures?

    You may redistribute textures to your friends, colleagues, to somebody else, the only thing that these textures can not be re-packaged and hosted on other sites without my permission, and please do not distribute them on your own !


  • Are there any viruses in the archives?

    No, before I upload files to the server I check archive on viruses, after uploading files are scaning again. The archive contains only texture.


  • The textures are watermarked "©", why do you place this ? Watermark prevents me to use texture.

    This watermark confirms my copyright and gives the information where textures were downloaded. Very often "journalists" post materials on other sites. The watermark is in the bottom, and I think if you use it for your work, you will modify or change texture, so you will be able to cut 20 pixels from the texture's botoom (even in Paint it can be done).


  • Textures are in a very low resolution, will you place higher resolution textures?

    I started with placing my first old textures that I obtained using my old photography equipment with resolution 3,2 MPX, 5 MPX, 16MPX. With the rise in popularity of the site and I will place textures with high resolution, but in the skilled hands and with the imagination 3,2 MPX textures look good at work.

    If you are interested in other questions email me at or write in the feedback form .